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19 respuestas a 🚨LAST CHANCE🚨 #shorts #trending #viral #soccer #futbol #ronaldo #messi #gift #soccershorts

  1. @Harvo1 dijo:

    I deserve a free shirt because I’ve been collecting shirts and been a fan of the channel for almost a year.Thank you❤

  2. @Ramsdalexamp dijo:

    Hello im an arsensl fan my dad bought me a jersey and it made me so happy because i recently got released from my club and i have been following and liking your vids and i really like jerseys

  3. @ShamanaSajid-dl4fo dijo:

    Hello i want Manchester utd jearsy

  4. @Leoplayzgamez435 dijo:

    I think i deserve a jersey because I’m a jersey collector and i like to support many clubs but jerseys are at high prices at the moment so I think I deserve it if I win I would like the cr7 edition Lisbon jersey thank you

  5. @CR7EDITZzz-zb9fu dijo:

    I am a fan pls can i have sporting lisbon jersy

  6. @KKPlaysk dijo:

    I deserve the Portugal Euro 2024 Ronaldo jersey because I've been saving over three years and only have 75 Dollars of my own money, ever since your first short I liked and subbed.

  7. @msegamesuu dijo:

    I'm gust hear

  8. @user-zf3gx1ls3z dijo:

    I really want a jersey because my parents never acctualy buy me any but my uncle bought me a liverpool jersey but it doesn't have shorts

  9. @dizzy2023 dijo:

    I believe I deserve this jersey as I am a long-time football fan and my parents won't let me buy an actual kit and I get made fun of for not having one at my school. It would truly be a dream come true if I could get a jersey, I will be proudly wearing it to show off to my friends and finally get some redemption from them. Even if I don't win, thanks for letting me in anyways!

  10. @cycydemonninja2313 dijo:

    Mbappe 🙏🙏🙏

  11. @SbEZITZ dijo:

    Hey, I'm Lyss, and I've been into football for seven years now. Still waiting on my dream to come true – owning a jersey. Money's been tight, so those team jerseys are way out of reach.

    Want a jersey not just 'cause it's a thing, but it's like holding onto the heart of why I love football. Cheering for my favorite teams just feels incomplete without it.

    Jerseys,they're like a badge of honor for fans. It's not just about the colors; it's about feeling like part of the game.

    My Mom couldn't get me those jerseys, and it stings a bit. Dreams are on hold, sacrifices are made, but my love for football won't quit. It's a journey marked by tough times, but it ain't stopping me.

    Hoping someday that jersey will finally be mine, and those jerseys won't be just a wish. It's not just stuff; it's about holding onto dreams that stick around, even when times are tough. In football's world of deep feelings, my story is just a fan holding tight to the beautiful game.

  12. @Maguireplays35598 dijo:

    Please me

  13. @admin221075 dijo:

    I like every new video

  14. @Ronaldomessi264 dijo:

    Being a die-hard football enthusiast, winning this jersey would be a dream come true! Ready to proudly sport my team's colors and create unforgettable memories. Thanks for the chance to be a part of this exciting giveaway!

  15. @FIFAMobileIsCool dijo:

    Been a fan for a long time I’d like to lotta videos. I’ve watched all almost all your videos, and I want to give it to my brother because I love him very much

  16. @user8swirbd dijo:

    I’ve been a long time fan and have been buying from you for several months, I will gift it to my cousin❤


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